Top 5 desserts of India : De-stress your life.

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards- Unknown

Hello my dear readers, i’m back with another interesting post which will make you forget all your sorrows.

In this post, i will share about the history of Indian Desserts, its importance in our culture related to various dimensions and also the best 5 desserts you should definitely try in India.


In India, desserts are commonly called as mithai or sweets. Sugarcane production is traced back to thousands of years, which is used to process jaggery or gur used in making majority of sweets in India alongwith sugar.


In India alongwith sugar and jaggery( used as a sweetener) various other products are used in making sweets like milk, dry fruits, gram flour, semolina, chhena(made using milk) etc.

India offers a variety of sweets to the sweet lovers. Its a place which has desserts ranging from barfi(baked), kheer(made using rice), to the most delicious of all jalebi. Sweetness in India in terms of desserts or even people and its culture is highly captivating.


▪ Celebrations: In India, various functions and celebrations are incomplete without desserts.

For example- marriage functions, birthday parties etc are celebrated by exchanging and relishing sweets.

▪ Festivals: Indians can never imagine festivals without sweets. India celebrates variety of festivals throughout the year and these festivals like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan etc remain incomplete without delicious sweets.

▪ Part of meal: For most Indians, desserts are an important part of meal. Most Indians don’t feel their meal to be complete without having sweets. We Indians prefer having dessert after having our meal.



GULAB JAMUN: This is one of the best sweets you can ever have. It melts as soon as you keep it in your mouth. It is so soft and succulent that you can not resist having it. It tastes best with vanilla ice-cream.

RASGULLA: It is one of the most loved Indian desserts. It is made of cheena and semolina. Small ball shaped rasgulla is then put into sugar syrup so that it absorbs it nicely.

These are light and spongy and tastes heavenly.

RABDI: It is a milk based Indian dessert. It complements other Indian desserts like jalebi, gulab jamun etc.

It is made by boiling milk till it becomes thick in consistency and changes its color to light yellow. It is then garnished with dry fruits and kesar(saffron) to enhance its flavour.

BESAN LADDO: Laddo in India are of various types like besan, motichoor, dry fruits laddo etc.

However the most loved laddo is besan laddo. It is made by cooking besan(gram flour) in ghee(melted butter), sugar and dry fruits and then made into a ball shaped laddo by using hands.

You should definetly try out laddos as they are simply the best.

JALEBI: The best of all desserts is jalebi for sure. It is the national sweet of India. You can eat jalebi at any part of India, it is available everywhere.

I personally prefer having jalebi with dahi (yogurt). It is crispy out side and filled with hot sugary syrup inside. Trust me, it tastes heavenly.

To all the dessert lovers like me, do try out jalebi it is the best you can ever have.

This was all about the best 5 Indian desserts you should try out. There are many more Indian desserts which taste amazing.

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Indian beverages

Were you looking for the best beverages you could try in India? Then you are at the right place!

I’m a big fan of beverages. It’s something which helps on every occasion. In India to be precise there are a huge variety of beverages available.

For all the people out there who are planning to visit India atleast once should definitely try out these beverages. I don’t want you all to miss these.

As you all know India always has to offer a variety of things ranging from food, clothes to beverages!

In this post i will tell you all the best ones you should never miss out. So here you go:

□ CHAI: Nobody in India or those who have tried this atleast once can ever stop missing this. This is not just a beverage, it’s a necessity to majority of Indians(no offence to coffee lovers😉).

It’s an emotion. A great and refreshing mix of fresh tea leaves, ginger,milk, small amount of water and a bit of sugar- just a perfect combination. A morning with tea is the perfect morning for an Indian like me. Do try it out once, you will get addicted for sure.

LASSI: If tea is a perfect hot beverage, then trust me for Indians lassi is the perfect cold beverage. It’s an any time drink for punjabi people. Its a popular and traditional sweet yogurt based beverage. We Indians prefer lassi over any other cold drink. It is a better accompaniment to aalo parathas.(potato breads).

Lassi is a perfect drink for summers. As we are already experiencing summer you should definitely try this at home. A perfect delight to soothe your body on a hot day.

BUTTERMILK: Another favourite cold beverage of Indians. It’s a dairy based fermented drink. It is lower in fat and consistency is thicker than milk. It is salty in taste and helps in washing off the toxins present in our body specially during summer.

In a regular Indian household buttermilk is preferred during summer. It is called “chaas” in hindi. So do try it out as it has health benefits as well.

AAM PANNA: It is a refreshing and heat resisting drink made using raw mango. It tastes tangy and fresh due to mint. During summers it prevents us from heat and provides relief. It is generally yellow to light greenish in color.

Apart from having health benefits it is also tasty and preferred by Indians. Indians also add cumin powder for extra taste. Do try this out it is very refreshing.

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Top 5 foods in India.

(Must try foods with expected price range)

FOOD!! yes you rightly read the word. Food is indeed a heaven for a majority of people around the globe. Food not only satiates the tastebuds but also is an emotion to all of us.

In India, food is an emotion, its a way of celebration for us. Food brings Indians together on different occasions. Now it’s time to leave you all mouth watering and hungry on the sight of these delicious Indian delicacies.

Be prepared for a yummy ride with all the facts and details and a BONUS too at the end.

■ SAMOSA: For any Indian, the best morning ever imagined will be with the beautiful sight of piping hot samosa and chai( chai is something special, will be discussed in another post). Samosa is basically a spicy potato mixture wrapped in a crispy and crunchy covering of refined flour. Its best friend is coriander chutney(sauce). Its price varies from Rs.5 to Rs.15.

■MASALA DOSA:a south indian delicacy equally loved all over india. It is usually made of rice and black gram finely grounded and cooked into a flat, thin, layered and crisp dosa. It is somewhat similar to crepe. It is often stuffed with a mixture of potato. It costs around Rs 70 to Rs.350.

■CHOLE BHATURE: The most relished sunday breakfast of all times in India. Chole(chickpeas) soaked and cooked with all the magical Indian spices garnished with coriander served with piping hot crispy yet soft bhatura( a type of bread). A perfect brunch which will satiate the tastebuds to next level. It costs around Rs. 150 to Rs. 400.

PANIPURI: Ohh!! Every Indian’s favourite. It is as heavenly as it looks. Trust me peeps this is something you should definitely taste once before saying good bye to this world. A spicy, tangy and refreshing mixture of water usually made of mint and other spices filled in a crispy and fulfilling puri made of sooji(semolina) or flour along with chickpeas. “A perfect delight”. It costs around Rs.5 to Rs 10 per piece.

PANEER TIKKA: Tikkas are an obvious favourite of all the Indians. A soft and juicy perfectly marinated(with all the indian spices) paneer grilled perfectly to the point where its soft, juicy as well as crisp. It tastes best with mint chutney. It costs around Rs.200 to Rs.550.

And as i promised, a BONUS for all the food lovers is here: ■DAAL RICE: Yeah, you read that right. A simple comfort food. After all the heavy and tasty food the only food item which not only satiates the tastebuds but the soul of Indians. It can never be outdated. Daal(pulses) of various types is cooked with spices and tempered with ghee and cumin seeds is perfect with simple rice.

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